Every day, we travel to and from the city area, the crowds are crowded, but we put on heavy backpacks and heavy steps on our feet...

The beginning of a day should be exciting and looking forward to...

CUBIZ is derived from Cube, which is durable and the most useful combination of bits.

When cubes combine business (Business; shorthand Biz), we have to remove the cumbersome stereotypes of computer backpacks.

CUBIZ gathers multi-functional business work functions, original mobile desktop design, and slim appearance.
No matter you are a business visitor, a guest, a passenger, a backpacker who love to travel everywhere. The "CUBIZ Guest Backpack" can be your right life partner.

We want to give each “guest” a simple backpack to meet everyone's work application, but also have good quality.
So, from the process of application survey, development design and manufacturing, CUBIZ team members are all from Taiwan.

We are starting from Taiwan and we want the world to see us.
We are heartful to create the born of CUBIZ, I hope you can feel it.